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American Property Management feels that the role of the Management advisor is to be Proactive, not just a reactive member of our clients project team.


A very close fiduciary relationship and responsibility exists between an advisor and client and an equally close working relationship must be fostered to ensure a successful effort.


American Property Management and members of our team have established a recognized reputation over the years for honesty, integrity and ethical conduct that goes beyond the industry standard.


Our experience includes real estate management of virtually every size and configuration in Los Angeles County.  This experience gives us a unique understanding of the special challenges involved in meeting your management requirements.


American Property Management enjoys the respect of our competitors, our clients, and the general business community and we believe that bringing this reputation with us will greatly enhance your property. 


Company Profile



Specializing in the management of income property, American Property Management adheres to the philosophy that profits are effectively maximized by controlling risks.  This is achieved with prudent business strategies based on an objective understanding of the real estate market.


Under our direction, the company has carefully designed organizational structures and practices geared towards optimizing a propertys performance.  With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, our staff is responsible for formulating the policies and long term goals of the company and the properties that the company manages for its clients.  We are also responsible for the day-to-day management of the company to assure quality control and proper maintenance of the company and its management portfolio. 


Our staff is composed of real estate professionals with diverse experience in property supervision, vacancy marketing, facilities management, cost control, financial accounting, brokerage and development.  Our professional attitude and our focus on customer service is pervasive throughout the company.  You can feel secure that your investment is well protected and cared for.


Company Philosophy



The business of Property management - Your Business!


A common misconception within the real estate industry is that property managers manage properties.  The management agent is traditionally viewed as the property caretaker, responsible for mundane, though essential tasks as supervising landscaping and janitorial services, and responding to tenant’s concerns.  Of course, any property owner serious about the economic performance of his or her property, would argue that a great deal more is required to successfully manage their most valuable asset. 


For this reason, American Property Management prides itself not on property management, but rather, business management for real estate assets.  After all, todays real estate landscape is far more complex than merely addressing aesthetics of a given property.  A successful manager must be adept not only at specifying and supervising the physical requirements of a property, but more important, the manager must be knowledgeable about the managed propertys economic potential and limitations.


The skill required to be all things to a property comes not from a single wunderkind within an organization, but from a team of carefully selected professionals, proficient within their unique area of specialization.  As such, American Property Management has created company divisions that focus on every aspect of a propertys operation, including brokerage and leasing, financial accounting, property supervision, physical inspection, marketing, client relations, and, of course, maintenance services.


American Property Management strives to be superior in our market by focusing on what truly counts to our clients, the business of property management - your business.


Apartment Management Services


Industry Leading and Fully Comprehensive Services


Management Planning & Strategies

·                   Comprehensive advertising & Promotions

·                   Provide detailed market analysis

·                   Thorough Applicant Screening & approval

·                   Negotiation & execution of rental agreements

·                   Rental rate structuring

·                   Lease structuring

·                   Annual insurance review

·                   Process collections of delinquent rents


Maintenance & Ground Supervision

·                   Regular documented inspections

·                   Regular inspection of vacant units

·                   Preventive maintenance

·                   Energy conservation measures

·                   Trouble-shooting

·                   Maintenance recommendations & execution


Employees & Vendors

·                   Hire, train, and supervise all on-site employees

·                   Specify and bid vendor contracts

·                   Supervision of all services from commencement to completion


Financial Reporting

·                   Submit timely accurate computerized financial reports

·                   Preparation of annual operating budget

·                   Establish individual property operating bank account

·                   Coordination of all rent collection

·                   Maintenance of all security deposits

·                   Receipt, approval and payment of all bills

·                   Track all tenant/vendor histories

·                   Preparation of annual 1099 and W-2 requirements

·                   Coordination and supervision of payroll functions and reporting


Value Enhancement

·                   Significantly reduce operating costs through vendor/service contract re-negotiation

·                   Evaluate and recommend ancillary income opportunities

·                   High occupancy through innovative, aggressive marketing and tenant retention                                                                       


Professional Management Compensation



Highly Competitive and Innovative Compensation Structures


American Property Management is perhaps one on the few management companies that promotes innovative fee options for their clients:


Performance Fee Structure

Designed to allow clients to control costs, management is rewarded for maintaining high occupancy through a graduated compensation schedule based upon property occupancy.


Selective Management Services

Designed for the property owner who does not require full-service management, American Property Management can provide first class management services at an affordable price.  We have designed our unique fee structure by allowing clients to select only services they desire, thereby maximizing value and saving precious funds.


Fixed Fee Structure

Designed to provide predictable cost for our client, this structure is the traditional arrangement in which fees are a predetermined percentage of rental income.


Working together with our clients, we can design a management fee program custom suited to their needs.



Statement of Benefits



Cost Reductions


Your property will benefit from detailed expense reviews and wholesale pricing for recurring and non-recurring expenses.  Using our portfolio as leverage, American Property Management negotiates large scale contracts with bottom line prices from service providers.  In many cases, our cost reductions alone have well exceeded our management fee!


Maximizing Revenues


American Property Management is committed to optimizing rental income.  Our strategies include creating large pools of potential applicants and carefully selecting the most qualified.  We carefully survey and analyze the potential renter pool and the aggressively pursue these target markets using a diverse variety of innovative and traditional means.  The combination of marketing, screening, and leasing abilities ensures maximization of rental income.


Value Enhancements


Adding value to your apartment operation is our primary business and we employ the most sophisticated resources with this goal in mind.  We are confident that we can maximize your buildings potential and increase your bottom-line.


Extended Services


American Property Management prides itself on the ability to provide full-service support for all client needs.  Accordingly, we assist owners with loan auditing, utility auditing, brokerage and many other extended services.


Custom Management Plan



American Property Management will develop a custom and targeted management plan specific for your property.


Management Plan Execution


Development of a management plan requires gathering as much information as possible about the subject property, especially relating to its operating potential.  American Property Management in conjunction with the property owner will complete a detailed analysis of the building as it relates to the market and the propertys ability to attract tenants.


The development and execution of the management plan will allow American Property Management and the management team to anticipate problems and capitalization on the opportunities that the apartment building will encounter in the marketplace.  Having identified and evaluated management and marketing opportunities, American Property Management can help determine the best allocation of resources.





Reporting is a critical link in the relationship between an owner and the management team.  Throughout the entire management and marketing program for your property, communication between American Property Management and the ownership will be paramount.  Our reporting system will serve two primary functions: It will dispense timely information and it will help in monitoring the progress of all management team members.  Our company will work closely with you to provide updates of all management and marketing activities.  All interested parties will receive timely updates of all pertinent data.  Standard reports include weekly leasing summary, advertising summary, physical inspection summary and a financial reporting package.


Project Meeting


It has been our experience that such meetings are more frequent during the early stages of the program, and are very useful in setting the guidelines for procedures and coordination between members of the management team and yourself.  A schedule for these strategic meeting will be developed upon commencement of our services.



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