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Emergency Procedures

All after-hours emergencies requests should be made through our main office phone number: (310) 475-4496, ext. 015.  Please follow the prompts which will get you to the proper on call person who can help you.

As a reminder, we define an emergency as a problem/repair that poses an immediate threat or harm to person, cause damage to the property (such as burst pipe, fire, sewer backed up and overflowing) or causes the home to become uninhabitable. In other words, it cannot wait to be repaired until the following day.

Examples of non-emergencies that must wait for the next day: lock out of your home (please contact a locksmith at your cost) and toilet stoppage when there is another bathroom available.

If it's the weekend and you are experiencing an appliance or heating/air conditioning failure, we will do our best to schedule an available technician, but cannot guarantee availability.

For all other maintenance request, please submit a Maintenance Request form on this website or by clicking the below link:

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